steamed artichokes

Artichokes are my favourite vegetable. My favourite solution to eat them is the way in which I’ve my complete life: cooked complete, every leaf dipped in a pointy lemony sauce till you get to the guts, whose choke you free with a butter knife then schmear with the sauce such as you’re thickly buttering a chunk of bread, and eat it whereas holding the stem like a lollipop, your eyes closed as you soak up the heady bliss of all of it. Clearly, it means lots to me however I’m not sharing a recipe with three phrases: Simply boil them. A couple of years in the past I began steaming artichokes as a substitute of boiling them and located I most well-liked it — much less moist, and seemingly extra evenly cooked. But it surely nonetheless didn’t warrant point out right here, although, too easy.

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